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Vintage Flower Boho Bracelet

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For the minimalist

In the mood for simplicity and casual chic?  There is absolutely no reason to want more.  Sometimes less is best and you may not always want fancy. This minimalist bracelet is for the person who loves a minimalist lifestyle. A minimalist bracelet may be the best way to subtly match jewelry.  You can recycle this throughout your closet and it would always look fresh.

Think about it

  • It is trendy
  • It shows restraint ( no Diva wars or clashes)
  • You look good in it regardless of age
  • Perfect for you if you are constantly on the go because you don’t need to think about how to style your jewelry
  • Fits with everyday outfits



  • It is made from a special material that is durable, lightweight, and perfect for everyday wear. The bracelet is also available in leather. (21.7cm)
  • This boho bracelet can be worn with a white dress, a red skirt, and a blue blouse. If you are looking for a fun, vintage boho style, look no further.